NEPRI FTS (Fractional Tokenized Stocks)
NEPRI FTS will allow you to invest in Tokenized Assets: tokenized synthetic tokens that capture the price action of real-world assets such as stocks, ETFs, derivatives, commodities, etc.
Through the NEPRI mobile application, you can:
• Learn - Make informed investment decisions by accessing real time market data and financial news • Manage - Never miss an investment opportunity with global, open access to a 24-hour marketplace • Deposit & Withdraw - Instantly fund your account through a variety of options and cash out on your investments at any time of the day
NEPRI will let you trade and gain price exposure on real assets without the burdens of holding real assets - allowing you to even hold fractions of expensive and inaccessible stocks. With an ever-increasing selection of Tokenized Assets, you can diversify your investment portfolio and tailor it to your personal risk tolerance.
NEPRI will offer a wide range of synthetic assets as investment options.
NEPRI will provide open access to a global, decentralized marketplace with instant order execution. NEPRI FTA tokenized Assets traded on the protocol are fully collateralized with the NEPRI stablecoin nYUSD, and provide traders the option of fractional ownership. The initial launch will include Tokenized Stocks that track the most popular equities in the world's major financial markets. Future listing of new synthetic assets will be determined by community vote through decentralized governance.
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