Basket Adjustment
NEPRIM governors can alter sbAsset maximum weights according to new market conditions or information.
Governance will control the addition/removal of sbAssets and set their maximum weights.
A Basket Adjustment occurs when Governance chooses to change the maximum weight of a sbAsset.
Secondly, a basket adjustment can occur when a sbAsset is deemed unfit for inclusion. In this case, Governance will be able to purge that sbAsset entirely.

Standard Basket Adjustment

Occurs when:
    A sbAsset's max weight is changed by Governance.
The basket adjustment mechanism allows Forging and Swapping demand to do the heavy lifting to execute the transition:
    ​Minting validity remains the same. This means that if Governance lowers the maximum weight of a sbAsset so that it is below its current collateral level, minting is temporary disabled with this sbAsset until it is below its maximum weight.
    The weight is lowered by allowing free swaps from that sbAsset and only allowing multi-proportional redemption.
    Users are not allowed to swap into an overweight sbAsset.

Adding sbAssets

Governance has the power to add sbAssets to a niAsset's contract and dictate its maximum weight.

Removing sbAssets

The removal of a sbAsset is deemed complete when its collateral level and max weight = 0.
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