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dYdX is a trading and lending protocol and platform built on Ethereum and launched in May 2019. Users can trade assets on dYdX's non-custodial, decentralized exchange or participate in borrowing and lending. The lending protocol enables margin and futures trading. Interest rates are adjusted based on supply and demand and only short term loans are offered.
Liquidity for assets available for borrowing and lending are pooled together by asset type. Interest paid to lenders is accrued automatically and borrowers must put up collateral to take out a loan.
dYdX also supports flash loans, which are uncollateralized loans where users borrow and repay the balance of the loan in a single transaction, meaning flash loan users do not need to put up any initial capital. Flash loans are a complex product aimed at developers and can be used to arbitrage across multiple DeFi protocols.
dYdX has around $40 million in total value locked (TVL) at the time of this writing. dYdX does not have a native token.
dYdX has undergone security audits by OpenZeppelin and Bramah Systems.

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