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DeFi and Open Finance Community Web and Mobile App, with an encrypted secure messaging app.
The vision of NEPRIDAO Community is to create the largest community-driven Open Finance and Decentralized Financial platform for payment, saving, borrowing, remittances, investment, based on the principles of the passion economy and ownership economy, providing the opportunity to positively impact over 3 billion aspiring emerging market consumers and businesses who want and deserve access to quality and affordable financial services, in Africa and across Frontier and Developing Markets by building a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity.

The most simple and secure smart app and wallet for DeFi and Open Finance. It will be linked to a Debit/prepaid card that will give you a 5% Bitcoin and Top 10 crypto rewards

Chat, Store, Work, Learn, Save, Send, Lend, Borrow, Pay, Buy Now Pay Later, Earn interest and Invest.
The future of money. Own it in a finger.
NEPRIDAO will build the simplest, safest, and most practical app for DeFi and Open financial products.
It does everything you'd expect from a bank - without the bank. Store and send; earn interest and invest. Without borders, barriers, or boundaries.
And only you can access your assets. Not us. Not anyone else.
By Joining the NEPRIDAO Community, you are part of a corruption-free community deeply integrated with Network Effects with Inclusive, Constant, and Enormous Value Creation. Earn a 5% Bitcoin and Top 10 crypto rewards on your debit/prepaid card - Save safely with nYUSD token savings accounts to realize your personal or professional dreams – Make seamless payments, send money quickly and safely across borders with real-time messaging, instant settlement, and direct clearing using nYUSD – Pay in 30 days or split into several payments with zero interest. No interest, no hidden charges. Buy today and split the cost of your purchase over multiple installments. Buy now and pay later with no hidden charges – easy and transparent – Earn money and a sustainable income by becoming a NEPRI Clearer – Invest or Buy a business to increase your wealth with NEPRI Venture Risk Tokenized Bonds and NEPRI Enterprise Tokens – Finance or Sell your business, Raise funds to grow and scale with NEPRI ETO, the Nasdaq for Emerging markets, and ordinary people – Trade your NEPRI Enterprise Tokens on the NEPRI ETExchange, trade your NEPRI Venture Risk Tokenized Bonds on the NEPRI VRTB Exchange – Buy fractions of shares such as Tesla, Amazon, and Apple using your nYUSD, fractional stock trading allows buying less than one share, and it is particularly useful for high-cost stocks, and built with state-of-the-art technology– Access non-collateralized individual loans with NEPRI Personal Loans or NEPRI Quick Loans, and non-collateralized business loans with NEPRI Business Funding, based on NEPRI proprietary Fair and Inclusive Scoring – Market and promote your products/services/business opportunities – Access remunerated jobs opportunities with decentralized ownership economy by becoming a NEPRI Pioneer – Redeem your NEPRI Scores (ES) to get loans, and rewards.
NEPRIDAO Community allows anyone across the globe to access a decentralized, global financial marketplace that provides all the services traditional financial institutions offer. For example, a woman running a market stall in Kenya or in Nigeria is able to borrow funds without collateral at competitive rates from NEPRI business loans using just her smartphone. Conversely, a merchant in India who is concerned about inflation could place funds into a yield-generating saving account on NEPRIDAO Community that earns a higher APR than India’s prevailing inflation rate.
The NEPRIDAO Community app has resolved three of the biggest obstacles to the mass and large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchanging value which are EASE OF USE, EASE OF ACCESS and VOLATILITY OF PURCHASING POWER.
For a cryptographic economic, financial and social value exchange system to prosper, sending a value exchange should be as easy as sending a text message, and the volatility of the currency should be minimal.
To address ease of sending value exchanges, NEPRIDAO introduces a cryptographic scheme that we call Name-Based Encryption, allowing community members to use their friends’ name as public keys on the NEPRIDAO Community platform, the differentiator of NEPRIDAO is that, payments or transactions in nYUSD stable token can be sent to people’s names on the NEPRIDAO Community rather than complicated addresses.
To address stability of value, NEPRIDAO introduces a token called nYUSD Token pegged to the US Dollar via a programmatic rebalancing protocol on a 1:1 ratio, meaning 1 nYUSD=$1USD. nYUSD is the token's symbol and shorthand for NEPRI Yield USD, whose value is stabilized using a monetary policy with elastic supply rules, backed by a variable-value reserve.
Inflation at play: Emerging market’s growth prospects may appear lucrative for some investors; however, its inflation problems could hamper growth. While Emerging market’s average inflation rate has been relatively contained and much lower than that of other developing economies, if observed over an extended period of time, certain inflation rates across the continent show high instability due to political and economic issues in countries. The inflation rate in these countries can be as high as double or even triple digits.
When the inflation rate is too fluctuated or surges drastically, businesses are faced with the challenge of appropriately pricing their goods, which significantly reduces consumer buying power.
We strongly believe NEPRIDAO can help solve this problem of currency instability for people in the developing world. By providing anyone with an internet connection seamless and simple access to a stable and secure medium of exchange, we believe NEPRIDAO can significantly increase the efficiency of the economies of developing nations. This would help us achieve a dream that has eluded cryptocurrencies until now.
Many citizens in Emerging and developing markets will use the nYUSD token as a tool to counter the hyperinflation in their country.
In order to enable the fast and exponential adoption of NEPRIDAO and the usage of its nYUSD and products, NEPRIDAO Community is a platform that is enabling an ecosystem of applications built on top.
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