The NEFRI ETO - Enterprise Token Offering is a token sale framework in which security tokens of an enterprise or a business are nYUSD-backed for up to 15 months.


The Enterprise Token (ET) is a new tradable asset class native to the NEPRI platform that represents the proportionate claim of future profits generated by a company.
The NEPRI ETO is a token sale framework in which security tokens are nYUSD-backed for up to 15 months. This by design generates a token model that is stable to the downside but has the freedom to move upwards. 100% of the circulating supply is backed by nYUSD stable-price token for the first 15 months after the Enterprise Token Generation Event. The token supply remains static during this time.
An ETO’s downward movement is limited through guaranteed buybacks financed by 80% of the raised funds, the Enterprise Token retains the ability to move upwards through a speculative, security, and utility value.
Speculative, security, and utility value of an Enterprise Token are based on business and product success, revenue-based buybacks, liquidity events including distribution of dividends, achievements of milestones, business and financial results, loyalty and rewards programs, etc.
Projects or businesses selling Enterprise tokens under an ETO framework guarantee to return 80% of the raised money back to ETO participants through buybacks.
An ETO offers its participants the ability to refund any token, no matter if they held them or sold them at a profit, If the Enterprise Token value falls by more than 25% from the initial price, ETO +participants can generate risk-free profits by buying tokens from the market and refunding them. Refunded tokens are automatically burned reducing the circulating supply by up to 100%.
ICO/IEOMcap=SpeculativeValue+UtilityValueICO/IEO Mcap = Speculative Value + Utility V alue
ETOMcap=SpeculativeValue+SecurityValue+UtilityValue+ETOfunds0.8ETO Mcap = Speculative Value + SecurityValue + Utility Value + ETO funds * 0.8
This creates a stop-loss or limited downside for ETO participants. However, all participants have full exposure to the success and appreciation of an Enterprise Token from day 1.
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