An open-source protocol that enables the setup and management of pooled NEPRI digital assets (ETs, VRTBs, TFs, NFTs, etc.) on-chain
NEPRI Aigle is an open-source protocol that enables the setup and management of pooled NEPRI digital assets (ETs, VRTBs, TFs, RTLs, NFTs, etc.) on-chain. By automating the back and middle office processes through the use of smart contracts, Aigle will enable asset managers and fund sponsors to create their own tokenized investment vehicles.
NEPRI Aigle aims to enable participants to set up, manage, and invest in funds of NEPRI digital assets such as ETs, VRTBs, TFs, NFTs in an open, competitive, transparent, and decentralized way. Aigle will allow asset managers to create their own tokenized investment vehicles and define the key parameters (including fee structure, trading exchanges, asset universe, risk management, investors), which are in turn deployed to the blockchain and enforced by smart contracts, as opposed to being written in a fund prospectus and operated and controlled by intermediaries. Investors are thereby assured that the pooled NEPRI digital assets will be managed and administered exactly as specified in the setup of the on-chain investment vehicle. This optimizes current processes in fund management to a large extent which leads to cost, time, and operational savings.
Aigle will differentiate itself from other asset management protocols by being the first decentralized infrastructure of its kind and by allowing investors to keep control of their private keys enabling them to maintain custody of their own assets at all times. More specifically, Aigle opens up the following opportunities:
  • Unlocks a wide variety of Web3 native use cases (eg. DAO treasury management, staking funds, prediction fund, crypto-kittie collectible fund, etc, etc)
  • Anyone, anywhere can set up an on-chain track record and build somewhat of a “Venture Capital” on-chain
  • Enables people to monetize their talent through management and performance fees
  • Lowers barriers to entry, giving investors access to a wide range of transparent investment opportunities (funds).
  • Creation and management of Web3 native investment vehicles (eg. NEPRI for the back and middle office, decentralized exchanges for trading venues, for lending/borrowing, and for information sourcing)
  • On-chain risk management helps prevent the “bad behavior” in asset management
  • Smart contract level integration with DeFi to ideally become a one-stop-shop protocol for everything DeFi. This produces functionality composability and comes with a substantial network effect.
Many people have the capital to invest in cryptocurrency but not the expertise, and many others have the expertise but not the capital. NEPRI Aigle will be an open-source, community-owned, permissionless, and censorship-resistant protocol for connecting capital with talent, and talent with capital.
Your capital will be automatically distributed among NEPRI’s community of asset managers. The best of them will have the most influence over how that capital is put to work. With Aigle, you won’t need to waste time on choosing the best performers and carefully hedging capital amongst them. All Aigle managers actively trade against the market while you sleep.
NEPRI recognizes and quantifies the talent of its crypto-traders by allocating units of reputation to them, denominated in NEPRI tokens, and financially rewards them based on their talent and contributions.
NEPRI's governance system oversees protocol changes and upgrades and provides funding for the development of new features. No single company or individual can control the protocol. It's owned and governed by the very people who use it and benefit from it—You.
Hundreds of NEPRI managers will actively prevent losses and seize profitable opportunities for your sake. Your money will be converted into an actively managed portfolio of assets that can immediately respond to even the slightest changes in the market.
When you deposit your capital on NEPRI, it will be converted into NEPRI Share tokens. It represents your ownership in the NEPRI Aigle fund and is fully backed by a collateral in the smart contract. Each of them acts like a tokenized portfolio, containing the underlying tokens that NEPRI managers buy and sell.
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