NEPRI Saving with : Saving Account. No overdraft, No minimum balance, or No ATM fees. Customers get up to a 30% interest rate per year. We make every community member an owner and allocate our profits to the savings for our members, to fight for social justice, gender parity, and expand ownership to everyone. This reshapes banking and capitalism in emerging markets.
Our goal for the next 5 years is to build a community of 10 million people who save and invest a minimum of $500 per year in the NEPRI Community.
NEPRI is offering nYUSD savings accounts. Users can convert their local currencies into nYUSD and send them to our savings account where they can earn up to 20% APR. We are already seeing large moves in some countries in Africa (for example the case for DR Congo) and LatAm forex rates relative to the U.S. dollar given recent events, making a pre-existing problem worse. Everyone knows and understands U.S. dollars in these regions, which is why our nYUSD Savings Account could not come at a better time.
We strongly believe that First, banking should be truly global. Second, technology should give everyone access to modern, convenient affordable, and sophisticated banking services such as saving and investment.
Access to reliable savings options through trusted institutions is difficult in the underserved regions of the world. Access to savings products can help low-income populations withstand income shocks, manage volatile cash flows, meet emergency needs, stay ahead of inflation, and potentially make personal or professional investments. By building one of the world’s first decentralized Open Finance platforms with you at the center, we're creating the conditions to take over the financial system and use it for community good.
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