Technical Infrastructure
NEPRI TFA is being built on xDAI Stablechain, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, PolkaDot, and on Tendermint, a delegated-proof-of-stake consensus technology utilized by the Cosmos ecosystem. The Tendermint blockchain is capable of over 1,000 transactions per second, with sub-10 second blocktimes. The latest upgrade to the Columbus-4 MainNet integrated CosmWasm, enabling NEPRI to embed a WebAssembly runtime environment and facilitate expressive smart contracts.
These characteristics make it a strong fit for a leveraged synthetic asset protocol like NEPRI:
• Oracle updates can occur every ≈ 6 seconds, approximately the block time. Compared to other platforms, the higher poll rate translates into greater protocol safety, as the system can regularly confirm CDP solvency.
• High throughput translates into high certainty in trade execution. This is critical during liquidation events, where auction participants bid on discounted collateral and have short windows to execute on arbitrage opportunities.
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