NEPRIV’s second yield strategy, PRIMUS, will be based on a fluctuation derivative protocol.
NEPRIV’s second yield strategy will be based on a fluctuation derivative protocol. Before the advent of smart contract technology, it was close to impossible to track & attribute yield to a divided allotment of capital, trustlessly & transparently, to provide hedges against any and all fluctuations. Conceptually, you can build derivative products from any type of market-driven fluctuation to hedge various risks. Examples include, but are not limited to, interest rate sensitivity, fluctuations in underlying market price, fluctuations in predictive market odds, fluctuations in default rates across mortgages, fluctuations in commodity prices, and a seemingly infinite number of market-based fluctuations to hedge a particular position.
We plan to create a yield strategy based on a cross-platform derivatives protocol for any and all fluctuations. To start, we will focus on yield sensitivity & market price. Downstream, we plan to introduce a far wider variety of hedges against fluctuations in the decentralized ecosystem. We aim to be platform and asset agnostic.
You can reduce the risk of digital assets & digital asset yield sensitivity by breaking them into essentially infinite, separate, dollar-denominated chunks, or tranches, and building derivatives off these tranches. NEPRIV aims to smooth out the risk curve and offer layered risk management to both DeFi & tradFi investors by building more efficient debt & yield-based derivatives.