Easy – NEPRIM is a one-stop solution for stablecoin users.
    Robust - Collateral is diversified, with risk management for underlying assets.
    Stable – NEPRIM’s liquidity shares are tokenized assets in their own right.
    Decentralized - $NEP embeds the incentives required to govern a decentralized system.
    Built for Rapid Scaling - The majority of $NEP will be emitted via Public Rewards.

Use cases

    Yield and Return
      niAssets will earn an outsized yield (interest + swap fees + other income).
      NEPRIM will be built so that those that use it or contribute to its growth are rewarded for doing so.
    Traders & Arbitrageurs
      Significant arbitrage opportunities will exist using NEPRIM’s Zero Slippage swaps.
    Stablecoin Users
      NEPRIM will issue assets that are more secure than the sum of their parts. Each niAsset will diversify risk between different asset issuers and stability mechanisms.
    SDK Integrations
      NEPRIM will allow dApps to accept several assets while presenting them in a more secure and user-friendly way. This product will be built but may have potential applications for DeFi dApps and crypto exchanges.

P2P Exchange and cross-border payments

nYUSD will enable 100% Easier, faster, seamless and 1000% cheaper P2P, C2B, B2C & B2B based on a Next-Generation Money Transfer & Payment Social Messaging app for social payments, cross-border payments, non-cash payments, Subscription payments, Token based Gift and Rewards program, with real-time messaging, instant settlement and direct clearing in 3-10 seconds.
The nYUSD token makes it easier and cheaper to send and receive cross-border payments and money transfers, it will allow Universal Financial Access when receiving and sending money, regardless of the corridors via the NEPRIM Exchangers Network giving to anyone with a smartphone and permanent Internet access in emerging and developing countries the opportunity to earn an additional sustainable income (3-5% per transaction processed and executed) by buying and selling nYUSD tokens to NEPRIM Community members.
One of the core hurdles to the adoption of cryptocurrency is the difficulty in obtaining it. Ease of access is necessary to transition our economies from fiat to digital currency and vice-versa.
In order to solve this problem, we propose the implementation of the NEPRIM Exchangers Network, which provides borderless, peer-to-peer fiat-to-nYUSD token & nYUSD token-to-fiat.
The NEPRIM Exchangers Network allows Community members in the Network to find nearby users to exchange their cash for nYUSD tokens, and vice-versa, giving any smartphone owner in the world the ability to take control of their personal wealth.
In this sense, NEPRIM becomes a piece of a “Web 3.0” banking infrastructure and creates a global people-as-ATM network. This has particular utility in developing markets where cash-based economies are prevalent and credit card penetration remains low, tackling the famous ‘last-mile’ of the remittance market.
The growing trade volumes observed on LocalBitcoins and Paxful, ~35M USD per week (Usefultulips 2020), coupled with the rise of remittance startups built on legacy systems like TransferWise (Crunchbase 2019), serve as a testament to the viability of this model.
It is also a great opportunity for crypto-traders or crypto exchangers (they are instantly awarded 10% bonus when they buy nYUSD tokens with Bitcoin) and informal FX Brokers.

Investment in NEPRI alternative assets

Take part in the next generation token sale framework which is fair, inclusive, dynamic, transparent, and sector agnostic, NEPRI ETO. Access NEPRI NURVIA, a decentralized lending platform for loans without collateral. Access NEPRI VRTB-The Venture Risk Tokenized Bond is an asset class native to the NEPRI platform. Buy and sell NEPRI TFA – Tokenized Fractional Assets, tokenized Synthetics protocol for on-chain price exposure to real-world tokenized fractional assets -- accessible to all.

Prediction Markets

We will enable users to trade in more traditional ways using their niAssets. It will be similar to conventional betting. You can bet on any real-world event. You will either win, and the contract will settle at 100%, or you will lose at it will drop at 0%. One of the famous examples is that you can bet on who will win the upcoming elections. Each candidate will have their contract. The buy-in price will differ for each candidate, and it will depend on the likelihood of winning. They can long or short each contract.
It will be a non-custodial, cross-chain prediction market and hedging platform. We are developing a unique technology of on-chain liquidity aggregation to solve problems of prediction markets.
Core features will include:
- Cross-chain predictions support and on-chain liquidity aggregation
- Binary liquidity model
- Bet insurance
- User-owned predictions and options
- Fiat integration
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